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to supervisor chu and started working with her office to determine whether or not this proposed new use, the vocal point insurance agency would be in compliance with the new neighborhood commercial district. and after communicating with them and meeting with them, i was not in on those meetings for the most part of those communications, but it was from the office and her assistant, that this is not the type of use that could be put into this space in the neighborhood district without a conditional use application and approval. it is not what is considered an active use under the new neighborhood commercial district rules and the purpose of the new neighborhood commercial districts and there were four of them found it out in the sunset was to create active storefronts with people coming in and out and the foot traffic that would in turn lead to more business for the surroundings area. and so, the supervisor office actually made to the planning department about the new use when we finally learned what it was. because that complaint went to the planning department to the supervisor office
of the storefronts that is in question and the changing of the use to vocal point. and while it seems that most of the attention to this property came about because of the conditional use application that they have on file for a wireless facility, what is going on here and the activity is not related to the wireless facility that they have an application in for but in relation for the change of use for this business and professional service use. the definition, well back up a little bit. so the terevel cd which was created last year does tend to add a little bit of confusion. the business and professional businesses listed adds the principally permitted use. however when you look at the street frontage controls it cross-references section 145.4 which is 145.4 c, which lists the active commercial uses and it says that if it is not on that list, then it needs a conditional use authorization and then the planning commission heard this legislation in june of last year and it was very clear to them what the supervisor's intent was on this legislation and so i have highlighted on the overhead is a pa
the appeal and deny the permits and require them to come in for the proper conditional use authorization. >> will you look at the back of the issue permit and tell me what it says around the portions for city planning? >> your planners are not doctors are they? >> they are trained as such. no. it appears as if it was written na and so i don't know if that was done by building department staff, but they felt that it was not a change of use, because it is not representing a change of use but it is represented as a tenant improvement and one conference room and upgrade the existing bath to ada and there is no change of use proposed. but there would not be a change of use under the building code. but there is a change of use in this case under the planning code and it should have been routed to us and it should have been clear what the proposed use would be. >> you are saying that it was never routed to you at all. >> it does not appear to. it has. >> commissioners, i will just keep it brief. we did get a complaint on december the 5th that there was work without a permit. i che
for conditional use authorization is being proposed for continuance to february 28th, 2013. i have no other items proposed for continuance and i have no speaker cards. >> is there any public comment on the one item proposed for continuance? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners? commissioner sugaya. >> move to continue item number 1 to february 28th. >> second. >> on that motion to continue 795 folsom to february 28th, commissioner antonini? >> aye. >> commissioner borden? >> aye. >> commissioner hillis? excuse me, commissioner moore? >> aye. >> commissioner sugaya? >> here -- i mean, yes, aye. [laughter] >> commissioner wu? >> aye. >> and commission president fong? >> aye. >> so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to 0 and placed you under your consent calendar. all matters listed hereunder constitute a consent calendar, are considered to be routine by the planning commission, and will be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests
in front of us. can we take a role? >> (calling roll for items). there 11 i's. and it's passed. why don't we go to our next item >> i want to thank imply co-sponsor. >> we have an brif item it is a resolution commending february 27th and to declare in russian day. >> we have a motion could we have a second to that? >> is there any public comment on this item? okay seeing none, it is closed >> this is adapted. >> yes. today's meeting will be adjourned for the late anthony on behalf of the supervisor kim mr. diane sullivan and ms. charley. >> thank you, madam clerk is there anything else? >> no other agenda. >> thank you. this meeting is . >> good morning. welcome to the government audit and oversight committee. i am carmen chu, chair of the committee. i am joined by our cochair malia cohen and david campos. our clerk today is here and we have sfgtv here. madam clerk do you have any announcements today? >> please silent all electronic devices and cell phones and all copies part of the file somebody submitted to the clerk. each member of the public will be allowed the same
support the underlying speak up i supplemental that is before us today that cute of the budget committee today but i think it should go back to the budget economy. it was such a short time we have to spend the fund i have no doubt there are community needs but i'd like to see an overall plan by which we're helping victims of domestic violence. the one thing i am excite about we'll be able to develop an overall plan. but shelter transition housing are the basic needs that families need once they flee a violent situation. i meet many women and children that are swaip violence and they're in a single room and, of course, our homeless shelter system. i'm also very supportive of having that situation and talking about what the appropriate budget process is in june. so that we know that money we're putting forward is going toward a broader goal >> spiefr wiener. >> thank you mr. president. i support the supplemental and i'm speaking because actually, i don't wag the cut that was made by the budget committee i think it's a mistake. i am glad we're helping victims of domestic violence and i do
to be the leader in bicycling use >> thank you supervisor mar. i want to assure that the streets will save for all san franciscans especially for those who are on bicycle >> and this weekend i made my bicycle trip on the market south neighborhoods and i wanted to know first hand the use of bicycles in our cities. the capital improvement program represents all modes of travel in our city. so to look at just san francisco as a whole won't tell the whole story. recently, we applied for bicycles plans with the transportation authority. those 3 projects alone show improvements including millions of dollars in our bicycle network. i understand we applied for another million dollars for our city. those put together total millions of dollars in improvements and alternative the maintenance mount is projecting that their 5 year bicycling plan will increase of about 1 hundred and 18 percent. as you noted we have drafted the bicycle strategy and we know the improvement that are required to make san francisco a major city for bicycling identified in this strategy. lately i annunciated in my city address along
information on where we can reside if there is going to be a ban completely exile us out of the city, but now that i am hearing what is going on that the programs are trying to find places for us i will try to find out a little bit more. i appreciate you guys doing what you can, but having a ban -- i know it's more of industrial vehicles that are being a problem than rv's, but i know a lot of the homeless people they recycle and some people don't clean up after themselves. they leave big messes and i think us being in rv's we try to contain our habitation. we have our bathroom for sanitation reasons. there is no really -- you know what? this is an idea for you guys to have more bathrooms or like out houses in some areas -- >> thank you. >> for sanitary reasons -- >> thank you. >> because a lot of the businesses won't allow to you walk in. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> [inaudible] >> thank you. thank you. >> hello. my name is isaac and i just have a couple of things that are on my mind. i was just wondering why -- okay. so the city is trying to fix the homeless issue, trying t
a system where we had a creating and nonconformity here that seemed a little awkward to us when the land use itself didn't seem to be -- have a negative impact. >> i personally could go either way. i know the concern particularly in the area of food trucks. people could turn their kitchens into service or food trucks. they may already do that. i don't know what the implications are. i guess the challenge with that -- i mean. i personally think it sounds fine. at a minimum if there were a pass for legalization of off-site kitchens, you could have a sense of the scope of the issue before them going to the next step. that might be kind of an interim thought. >> commissioner hillis. >> so, i'm also supportive of the legislation. i think probably if we use the words unique, funky and [speaker not understood], they're all probably in violation of the planning code. if we looked around. [laughter] >> we could use that adjective unique funky, in violation of the planning code. it's amazing cafe floor is only 900 square feet when you walk by. it feels bigger. there is a lot happening obviously. i
that at the very least, if not turning, or turning us down, you at least ask that that kind of more independent judgment be obtained. now let me talk about the problems with this permit. which you have before you. i am looking at the permit issued in december of 2012, obtained by pat buscovich he may have gotten his information wrong from several sources. first of all, the description of work, is wrong. it is not surprising since the description of work was wrong that the planning department approved it. let me first tell you what planning department said in the box on the second page of the permit at land. approve to eliminate all work done without a permit. and i will talk about adding a kitchen to a building that already has one. and then the planning department says, it is an existing single family home, it is not. they were mistaken and had they gone out there, they would have seen what it is. again, it says, existing single family home to i am having trouble reading it. it says, a permit application existing single family home, revision no change in use of the permit no change of use no h
that there is going to be sufficient evidence to establish that it will meet or will not require a conditional use but that this entity. whatever it is. will not require it. >> okay, i move to continue this to madam director, what do you think? april, is our next opening, with... it would be, we added to april tenth? >> yeah. >> the 17th. >> is april 17th work? >> mr. williams? >> >> would you like to specify the length of the briefing and the timing and the subject matter. >> they can present a brief up to five pages in length. >> do i want to have to subject on the conditional use and the nature of the business? >> i would like it to focus on whether that leasee conforms to financial services. >> and my recommendation would be to have the permit holder briefed first and then have the appellant and the department respond. so the permit holder could be i am not sure how much time in advance. >> could i limit how much time they get when they come back? >> do you want to discuss that with the president. >> could i limit how much time they get when they come back? other than just now? >> we continue
million. and again, that will be used to fund projects on an as-needed basis and the central subway, including the central subway project. we will ask for authorization for full 250 million. and that will allow staff to manage the program, the capital program through 2019, as an as-needed basis using the short-term cash management tool. let me pause for a moment and ask if you have any questions on the purpose or approach or use of a commercial paper program. commonly understood as a line of credit. >> and if i could just clarify, it won't fund the projects per se, it will help finance projects. the projects that we have funding for, but we don't have the cash in hand yet whether it's because we're waiting for a federal grant or next year appropriation, this is really rich, you know, gap funding or bridge funding financing that will allow us to keep a project moving in advance of the actual project funds to come in. as opposed to, say, the revenue bonds which we are borrowing money in order to put projects in the ground. >> director bridges? >> i'll interrupt you for a second. i was
once that special use district goes into law, we'll be able to move forward with the demolition of the building starting within the next couple of months so that we can keep our original timeline, which you'll recall that was to have the shaft built in time for the tunnel boring machines which are set to arrive about 12 to 15 months from now in north beach. so, that i think summarizes what we have before you. i just want to thank the many staff and the mayor and the board president for their work to get this done, and happy to take questions either now or after public comment. >> we can certainly ask members of the public to come forward at this point. do we have some names? >> yes, for item 11 greg gi ber, howard wong [speaker not understood]. those are the first three. >> good afternoon, sir. >>> good afternoon. thank you for allowing me to speak here. just now and again at the january public meeting on north beach, director reiskin assured us that this boring site, this would only be for the removal of the tunnel boring machines. with that restriction, i support this project,
. this will continue to allow over sized vehicles to park on some san francisco streets but it gives us an additional tool to address the issues related to over night parking of large vehicles on a focused location specific basis. these -- some of these locations have resulted in some negative impacts from parking over night vehicles -- over night large sized vehicles and that's what we're attempting to address. i also want to refresh your memory. we did a sampling of the neighborhoods in the city prior to the legislation being considered and over 450 type of vehicles that far in this classification we found that 42% of them were motor homes but more importantly over 50% of them consist of trucks and buss and trailers so this legislation will also capture those types of vehicles and it's very important because i think a lot of our -- the concerns that we received from the neighborhoods were for those vehicles being warehoused on the city streets, and from our survey we also found those vehicles that are out on the street that we sample 60% of them actually were registered with san francisco address
that the limited use of the off-site food prep for cafe floor be expanded and more broadly applied. the proposed ordinance would create a path to legalize what appears to be an illegal accessory kitchen located at 260-1/2 noe street, which supports the very small kitchen at cafe floor. and as proposed, this provision would sunset after one year. and during that one year the operator could obtain all necessary permits, go through 312 notification, and then that use when the provision -- when the ordinance sunsets would become a legal nonconforming use. the department recommends that the commission recommend a modification that it would expand the provision in very specific ways and that would, first, it would remove the sunset provision. secondly, it would require that food processing as an accessory use either be very active and visible to the street front consistent with planning code section 145. or that it be completely screened from view behind an active use so that the active street frontage is maintained. next, we also recommend that the ordinance explicitly prohibit serving the public in
that you are being honest with us. >> you have time. >> i have signed it and i have not since seen that piece of paper. but what was the back of my head. that was, i mean that was handed out to the other gentleman who was here with me and i am here alone. >> so he is your employee? >> yeah. >> but the buck stops with you, it is your permit. >> if you could please, permit me to give me two weeks, i will go to the city. >> i will give you two weeks. i will give you two months. but you will not operate until you have a finalized permit. >> so if i go to the city hall tomorrow and have them sign-off electrical and building and turn it tomorrow it would be okay. >> if you turn it in and staff issued your final permit you can operate. if you, that means that you cannot operate tonight. >> okay. >> do you understand? >> okay. so you have not got a permit. not you have a conditional permit and you do not have a final permit. so, i know you understand what i am saying. i see it in your eyes >> okay. but i would like to ask, commissioner hyde who requested that you return to go through the i
or people that have not done the out reach and we say, hey you don't get a permit or come back to us in a month. you can, did you not yet. >> othat... >> that is sort of what i wanted to do. and the reason that i say that is there are two representatives from the community. >> sure. >> one from the mayor's office and one from the supervisors, so obviously it is enough to have two representatives so this should be some reason we are here and some ability to say, hey, you don't get a permit until you do your due diligence. >> and part of it is not the quantity, it is the quality of neighborhood out reach. >> so, to the next door and say, not divulging what it is that they are asking for a merit. it needs to be more quality type of permits out reach. suggest to the chair that the subcommittee gets to dig into and understand what the commission's request is, and what actually is done, and what is done in the other departments and do the reach here and now we have run into this numerous times and it comes up and it is obviously, an unanswered question. and it may not in the end result in
to highlight the program before we get started. all our partners have helped us develop this project with that my name is a himself i'm head up the be district program. we welcome president chiu welcome. without further adieu a man who's no stranger to this area mayor edwin lee. thank you. it's great to be here on 24th street i can literally see all the changes and the constant very brnt area. it gets crowded up here. i'm glad to join president chiu and the other supervisors who are supporting this neighborhood. all over the city we have 11 of these cb ds thought the city and 5 entire districts. the latest one i want to thank the board for the district that is raising their own money that can really compliment the downtown moscone. the neighborhoods i enjoy just as much because the neighborhood are constantly working to find ways to improve. i'm glad to see public works that helps get the permits done for those parks that have been here for 26 years and having funny; right? >> and that's at the way it should be. we have fun where we live and it's always a great investment to have th
used for. let me be clear i'm not prejulian this situation we're only trying to gather the facts. i'm committed to providing more affordable housing. in december the maintenance mount released it's reported on the san francisco police department over the proceeding 5 years and it showed that the intersection of market and the other streets it has the highest collision of bicycles in the city and i've personality been involved in two. sadly they've had more than their fair share. it also has the highest collision situations near market. we can't just call this a job well done and move on. affordable housing and traps are vital events we have to have in this city - people are - to greatly improve their lives. i'm very pleased that the sheriff department was awarded a grant under little second chance acre cover program. it will give the sheriff's department around $600,000 for helping people with p t s c. this program will help us reduce depends on drugs. i ask my colleagues to join me to give the sheriff's the fund they need >> thank you, madam clerk. just a couple of comments. first
in the products. the kitchen we use across the street is mainly for making soup stockses and cleaning lettuce and vegetables and stuff like that so we don't have any cross contamination of pro scenes. it's very important. * proteins i do want to say something about cafe floor. our taxes are current. i don't understand why this was brought up when everything is just fine with us tax wise. and thank you very much. >> thank you. ken bunch, deborah aiano, gerald -- i'm sorry, can't read that last name. john kodera. sister honey bee, ron schmidt. >>> hello, my name is kenneth bunch. i'm the founder of the sisters of perpetual indulgence. cafe floor is like any other business in the castro, any other business or cafe. it's a community center. over the last couple of decades, people meet there to talk about issues and to make plans and form organizations, [speaker not understood] the sister. we've all at various times met there to plan our activities. as well, cafe floor has donated thousands of dollars to charity, to our charities over the years. and you really have to understand, cafe floor, the
be relevant to us. and that is all i had for my report. >> thank you, director reiskin. members of the board, questions for the director? [speaker not understood]. >> first, the police chief [speaker not understood], i know there is some informal kind of ideas from staff and other members of the community about incorporating some acsession i believe cycling events into those. it would be great to hear back if that is successfully being i am metctionved or kind of folded into those, wherever they belong. * implemented >> right. i don't know the answer to that offhand, but i'd be happy to get that information back to the board. >> great. >> members of the public wish to address on the director's report? good afternoon, stuart. >>> thank you, mr. chairman, board. mark gruberg, taxicab workers. regarding the cpuc rule making proceeding, i really feel that the agency missed the boat by not cracking down on these totally illegal services before the cpuc got into the picture. and now the the cpuc has given its interim blessing to lift and also to [speaker not understood] not so far to side cars, a
by many businesses for the broader floor plates and it allows tech uses and other uses that need this kind of configuration to come to satisfy. and i know of another situation that's similar to this at the present time uop [speaker not understood] dental school is renovating a building that already has these broad plates on 5th street near mission. and i was a graduate of the earlier facility and i can speak to the difficulty that facility has in its present location because of the narrowness. so, it's not just tech, but other uses. it's important that we get broad floor plates. however, this has to be correct and i think the things they've done in terms of tower separation, bulk, are very much in keeping with the code. as was pointed out by mr. guy, because of the tdr sold by 6 20, 63 1 howard, there never will be another tower that they have to separate themselves from because even if that building were to be destroyed in a fire or some other manner, it could never be built to more of a height than it's at now because they've already sold their tdrs. and then the bulk, there are a number
and they are all alike. we went through a series of permits, to get us here, and that have problems, and all that we are asking for is that you deny this permit so that they can come up with one set of permits so that it actually can be done. and i have to also emphasize that there is an area on the landing of the staircase, the front steps going up that encroach on to my client's property and so that has to be addressed also before that permit can be issued. >> mr. soriano? >> i promise not to take all of the rebuttal time because i am not fearing anything new. it is nothing that deal with the specific permit. i do want to answer a question that mr. fung had about why are we not moving forward if there were exceptions for us to go ahead and do that. the reason is that the existing permit that is being held up by this appeal, it requires replacement of the stucco work and so we need to be able to address the stucco work before the installation of the windows while we appreciate the exception that was made it has not allowed the work to proceed. it is causing the work stand still and financia
promoter and resulted in a large scale, i don't want to use the rword. but fight. inside and outside of the venue, a blockage of the street and additional units had to be called in to clear the area. northern station and the staff met with yoshi last week and there is new conditions put on the permit and they fully understand the mistakes that they had made at that point and moving forward with us in the much better, i think, communication and better operational policies on their end. as you probably have been hearing in the news, there is also an incident this week on broad way which is a large-scale fight that really centered around the large parking lot that is on broad way that is used by the people in the area also spilled into the street and officer methias is here from central and he will give you guys a little bit more detail on that. but that is also very recent in this last weekend and we are still doing the investigation on our end and central station as well. we are out there gathering the facts and moving forward to really see what happened exactly. moving forward, there
that a story is told through the permits that the people wrote the existing use box correctly and that the existing use box was what is legally there and not what they see. >> okay. >> so they are, very, very strict now about issuing three-hour reports. >> okay, i think that i have got it. >> i hope that explained it. >> i think so. >> and they were not in the past. >> got it. >> thank you. >> okay. >> please? >> good evening, commissioners i'm andrew zaches and the permit for tank who is the permit holder and i will have him speak there you and go through the permit history in detail and give you our reasons and i think that the city's reasons why this property is a single family dwelling and then i will make brief legal argument at the end of the presentation. >> hi, good evening, my name is mehul tank. i am going to district address a couple of things i think that the previous attorney said that i installed a kitchen and a water service. and i did not do that. i don't know what he is referencing. i have not installed any kitchens or water service since i have owned the bui
couldn't say anything to us, too. >>> no, i think we're just glad that the action is being considered and the recommendations are positive. appreciate it. >> we need a motion. >> yes, there needs to be a motion. is there any additional public comment on this item? then there needs to be a motion. >> commissioner walker? >> yeah, i move to take the recommendation of staff and reverse the action and not assess these. >> second. >> okay, there is a first and a second. i'll take a roll call vote. president clinch? >> yes. >> vice president melgar? >> yes. >> commissioner lee? >> yes. >> commissioner mar? >> yes. >> commissioner mccarthy? >> yes. >> and commissioner walker? >> yes. >> motion carries unanimously. case no. 67 77 3, 13 16 to 2022 mariposa street. owner of record and appellant richard e. thomas. action requested by appellant, the appellant is requesting that the order be reversed and that he be reimbursed for the cost of this appeal. >> is there somebody from the department to present? >> yes, rosemary. >> oh, sorry. >> good morning, members of the board. rosemary goff, housin
because they're waiting for one day to get their medallion. [speaker not understood], asking us to put -- push [speaker not understood]. in one hand -- >> thank you, yeah. >>> i'll wrap real quick. they gave medallion to driver who didn't put them on the list and then punishing [speaker not understood]. >> thank you. >> thank you, sir. mary mcguire followed by bruce oka and then jacob madel. >> good afternoon, ms. mcguire. >>> good afternoon, mary mcguire, taxi driver. they are leasing the rent medallions to the cab companies. i'm concerned about how, how this will impact the service. now, it's a current standard of 8 wheelchair pick ups a month. that is not very many. if that is the standard, would that be for each driver or each medallion? and who is responsible for maintaining the standard applied to the ramp drivers themselves or the cab companies? currently the medallion holder is responsible for that. and what incentives would the drivers have to maintain this service, if they don't have the medallion any more? if the company is just going to hire lease drivers to do these -- to
that the building department uses at microfilm and i am there every day for about a half hour it is the water department record. this record which was not shown to you when they gave you the water department records, i called up and got it over the phone and said i might as well bring it in so i went there two days ago and picked it up. it is for a single family house in 1907. s that is what was there in 1907 and you can confirm that with the address, this is another record that is used, it is a primary source record. the legal address of this building is 227 douglass, you can see other addresses when you have multiple units have you multiple addresses you look at the code and i pulled out the 1949 code which is a key date that they were going to fix this building that is this code. and this, well it is there, you can't see it, but it says, in 1949, you must have an address for every unit. so they could have fixed it in 49. but here is what happened. 1906, the earthquake burns the record and there is a moratorium for reconstruction and they finish the building and get a water department recor
. >> the whole matter, before us is extremely disturbing, to say the least. i think that as one gentleman mentioned this board gave them the free pass. to say the least, and from that point on, the permit holder has decided to basically cowboy through every law that we have in the city to going through the dbi putting public safety at risk, public health. i feel and this is a very difficult case, the result of having a rehearing, what will that do? i feel that something needs to be done. i mean the people in this neighborhood, at this point have not been afforded any protection. and every time that this permit has been told to do something he has down the other. the fact that the san francisco police department had to be called in just to access the building, is absurd to stop him and threatening him bodily harm enough that he felt that he had to have the san francisco police department show up. to me, shows that this permit holder has basically decided that he is going to make the rules no matter what it is before him. i think that was very well put. i concur with the sentiments. and pen
encourage safe riding, to promote bicycle use in general and i also am adjunct professor of environmental studies of the university of san francisco, so that's also, it's outside district 5, but also an important part of the growing bicycle culture through our neighborhood and inner city, you know, i'm excited about this opportunity, you know, i'm eager to help the board of supervisors achieve their state goal of creating 20% of trips by bicycle by 2020 as well as finally live up to that 40 year old declaration of transit first which i think we have some work to do here in the city, so i'm happy to answer any questions that you guys might have. >> are there any questions for mr. fitzgibbons? >> [inaudible]. so, i just wanted to say thank you for accepting the nomination. when i found out that i had the ability to appoint someone to this committee, you were the first person that i thought of because of your activity in the district and evenbacker everything that you do centers around the bicycle community, and so having someone who's so involved in not only riding a bicycle but also doing
delivered before the weekend. we did not receive a draft of the settlement agreement that they wanted us to sign and i feel that they are looking to delay this thing and that is not in the best interest of the permit holders and it is not in the interest of fairness, equity and justice, and so we would like to have the hearing present her arguments and we will respond to them >> okay. >> okay. >> i think that we should hear from mr. sanchez as well. >> yes tha, is okay. >> mr. sanchez, were you involved in this? >> yes, thank you. >> thank you. >> planning department, as last week, the board graciously continued the item one week to allow for the parties to meet and discuss and it is my understanding that a full set of plans was given to the appellant at 5:00 last friday. they reviewed it over the weekend that is when the issue of the survey came to their attention and any questions about the property line, and reality that was before the board tonight is just the permit for the roof deck, and so that, i thought was understood is that there would be supervised plans that were code comply
for their work in helping us really going through everything and ensuring that we dotted every i and crossed every t and i know it was a lot of work for their staff. largely, the proposal would amend the municipal election code to incorporate the state law allowing the nomination procedures for city college and board of education for example to continue to be governed by state law but also changing some of the dates for the board of supervisors and for other -- our may yoirl race as well sx, also we made some other nominations according to the advice of elections, around the circulation of badges and filing fees, i would also like to ask the rules committee to consider making some amendments today, further clean-up of this legislation, one is to section 205 and this would push back the nomination deadline for all candidates to match those of the mayor and the board of supervisors so this would be by the 146 day before the municipal election, it also specifies the period by which the candidates and the mayor of supervisor may circulate their nomination papers. section 220 and 260 follow along
it is there for somehow illegally using this unit for whatever reason it is not considered a separate single unit. they have, in fact, admitted that they planned to do rent increases. if this were... mr. zaches just said on the record that they were going to increase his rent. as a single family home the rent could be increased without limitation whatsoever. mr. hyman could go to paying five times his rent. and this would be a defacto eviction. >> we would have him stipulate no rent increase. and we ask that this board as a condition of approving these permits, if they are not going to deny them, that the owner put on the record he will not do any sort of no-fault eviction on my client and will be or abide by the rent control increases if this was a rental unit in a multiunit dwelling not in a single family home which has no rent increase limitations. >> glad stone. >> first of all, i want you to think about what mr. duffy just said he said that it does not look like a three-unit building, i agree, we do not main thayne that it is. the fact that there is no record at housing inspection division o
. this was one of the women, or one of the neighborhood associations at the very end, thanks for keeping us informed of this as this individual poses a serious threat to the habitat or the quality of the area. and i just wanted... >> i have another question for you. do they have speakers outside? on their patio? do they project the music on to the patio during the operating hours? >> they did when or during that one-time. >> but that is one event. >> i mean normally, do they have speakers outside? >> i have some cads here that talk about amplification and some of them are newer than the others. >> do you have speakers on your patio. >> no. >> you have no outside speakers. >> so, i don't know how other people feel. but, conversation, laughing, among people is speech. speech is permitted. if you have two people speaking it is louder than one person, if you have ten people speaking it is louder than two people. and so on and so forth. and there is a... that is created by human speech, however it is protected and it is human speech. if they had amplified speakers on the patio then they are in a
want it to be. i mean, so, i don't know, i am trying to get a question. >> take us through the process to change it from a single family to two units. you would have to go through the planning and the parking is an issue, just because someone puts a kitchen in there it does not make a legal unit. unless you have the building permit to do so. i really what probably annoys me and everybody is that the unit changes on building permits and someone puts in three we give them a permit for three, i wish that it was better or it should be clear are and this is going back 70 or 80 years ago, it is very difficult, but and then when the people are living there a long time and the gentleman buys it, i don't know if i would have wanted maybe the commissioner if you had walked it you may would have disagreed being a realtor and it is hard to believe that it is three units but he probably bought the property and whether he knew or not. but it is what it is. but the building permit wise, i do in the see a permit to go from one to two, or two to three or three back to one. it is jumbeled. >> is there a
that calls for the did i tension of u.s. citizens. membrane introduce myself i'm bill i'm a japanese american and for justice. during world war ii my family was removed due to executive order from 70 near the racetrack to end up on the indian reservation land. my - we ended up there because he had no trial, nor faced any charges wisp simply found guilty because of our race. my father lost his provides business and truck. and due to antijapanese people in san francisco we couldn't find a lawyer to defend him. he received no help from any community. i was born in the reservation and suffered skin rashes. individuals suffered because of the living arrangements and also from mental breakdowns. i could go on and on about the legacy of that camp and survivors but i ask that you repeal the support of this resolution. >> thank you. next speaker >> guilty of negligence supervisors it's an honor to be here. i'm a resident in the mission district and supervisor campos is my supervisor. i was glad to hear about the resolution about bikes today. a couple of years ago i was in an area and it was worked o
this? anybody where can we go that? it is frustrating. >> it is not us, we are dealing only with the permit. >> it is frustrating >> i understand. >> and for the inspectors with four nvo on hand and can she stop the work and inspect the house? what happened to it, why is someone filing the nov? you know? but with the four nov on hand they still be able to work if they inspectors at that time stop the work and find out what is going on, we probably would not be here and talk about and we are saying how much set backs and they were saying three inches and i was saying two foot and we are arguing if the inspectors at the time when the first nov filed they gained access and received the whole picture of how the room looked like and then how come, she can't get any access to the building and just an nov on it? >> what is the nov for? >> i have all of those questions and i don't understand it. >> yeah. >> so i just hope that for the set back, 3 foot, i accept that, for the fence, the previous one is chain fence, i don't know what their propose to 6 or 4 foot, we have not talked ab
. the proposed use of the site is for distribution of rental equipment and the existing house will be maintained and the parking lot will be paved and the handicapped bathrooms will be added and security lights will be installed. >> the proposed business for the site will add valuable jobs and increase the security for the neighborhoods while discouraging vandalism. they tested the soil and confirmed that only background levels of diesel and oil that were below the threshold were present. mr. dodt refused our offer. >> your time is up. >> is it roll and whitney? >> no it is the old firm. >> okay, we could hear from the departments now, mr. duffy. >> good evening commissioners. just getting updated on this case today. there was a flurry of activity at the site at the last meeting after the last hearing. indeed, and one of our building inspectors was refused entry by one of the workers and we don't have to call the police too often but sometimes we do when we feel threatened and the building inspector did feel threatened. i believe that it all fairly quickly, when he went back, the workers had lef
administrator today, >> are they dated? >> we would actually need a copy given to us. >> yeah. >> we don't adopt the plans without a copy. >> the planning commission and if i could show on the overhead what it would accomplish in the priary concern is the portion that extends. >> the required yard is the required wall and this would be the minimum, that the city extend at 6 feet and this would be the minimum required to the code to access the stairs here to exit from the deck. >> so. and the plans are. >> are those plans, are you willing to part with those? for the purpose of resolving this? >> certain, i could share that project sponsor is willing to. >> so i will hand those over to mr. pacheco. >> i am sure that they will be happy to send it to you. >> anything else that you need madam director? >> just a vote. >> okay. if you are ready. >> that is my motion. >> if you could call the roll please. >> these plans are... could you redate these? these are dated 20, 12, and these changes here in red? >> if i could change that. so they will be dated today, then, we have one sheet and revised plans d
represented it is just a matter of perspective. in regard to the sand bar, map i am just, i am using the sand bar map to indicate where the decks are in relation to the current to the owner's property. >> a clear indication of the size of that deck and it does extend into the rear yard as does the property extends into the rear yard. it is not only a fire escape as you look here, this extends back and there is a deck on top. the large portion of this extends the rear yard. and i stated that. that this does not extend into the rear yard i am just pointing out that it is an adjacent neighbor that has direct access to the private open space. in my estimation it is in the rear yard and it is relatively in the rear yard, that is the common to all areas, all of the structures because it is 20 and a half feet of a blank wall. as far as the directions, here is the occasional of how much shadow is being cast? >> i am sorry. >> okay. >> okay. so this is a diagram of the proposed deck. and you can see this on the shadow that is being cast on my clients' property and so as far as the mislabeling of the d
that replaces a deck and the security for the people who actually can see us. so i really don't understand why we have gone through the process to be very diligent to and concerned about the people who will be impacted. why alice cares because she lives two buildings away. she does not live in the building that is adjacent and she would have to be on the roof to have any sort of visual impact to the deck that we have or the deck that we would have. >> okay. >> i actually have a question. >> the zoning administrator mentioned a proposal on your part to provide some kind of security, could you tell me what that is >> a fence? >> we are proposing to put up a full height steel gate that will prevent anyone from gaining access. even though... >> on the second floor landing of the stair leading to the third level deck. but please keep in mind that no one can gain access to this backyard any way. there is a door that is locked at the passage way. >> i'm not really following. why would you put in a security door or a gate? >> i am not understanding that. >> that would prevent anyone from gaining acces
act for us. the clerk's office has three items before you, the first is the area plan infrastructure committee, it was established in 2010 and sponsored by former supervisor soef fee maxwell, the response from the planning department indicated the committee has not yet in over one year, since this committee has not met in the last four years, it's fallen below the standard to continue and we're requesting you recommend the full board that we repeal this resolution, the next item is the neighborhood community justice task force established by ordinance in june, 2010, it was sponsored by supervisor david chu, since the passage of the ordinance, a vacancy notice has been put on the board's website, since july, 2010, however, no members of the public has shown interest during the last two and a half years and no applications have been received to serve on the bore, so this task force we feel has not met the required standard to continue, they haven't had their first meeting, there are no plans to do so and with the blessing, we recommend to the full board that this be dissolved. the fina
and keeping in the language with prop i said it would use the sale of the parcels. in this agreement it was also state that the remaining funds after all the transportation enhancements were done the rest of the money would go to other projects. along market street with all the new housing being built we're not accurately providing with the muni system. our muni system can't handle the new demands from this housing development. we need more funds for our declining transportation infrastructure. in connection with this hearing supervisor and i will be talking with the housing community in hopes of finding a resolution some type of middle ground so we can move past this dispute. i also have two tragic stories. we had an individual pass away at the age of 99. she was the highest raking
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